Discussion group – by Zoom

Mindful Self-Compassion In Grief Work

Presenter: Denise Howes

Denise will relate how she has incorporated Mindful Self-Compassion practices in her role as a counsellor and offered these to those she companions who are experiencing grief, loss and change.

In 2010 Dr Kristin Neff and Dr Christopher Germer co-founded the 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Program.  Since then, a global community of teachers and practitioners has flourished.

Research into self-compassion has grown exponentially over the last decade and has shown that people who are more self-compassionate have higher levels of well-being and emotional resilience.

The research suggests that there is a relationship between low self-compassion and the severity of grief reactions after the loss of a loved one.

The following topics will be covered – what is MSC -the science and research, how self-compassion connects us to the mammalian caregiving system of the brain (Paul Gilbert), misgivings and resistance to self-compassion and the experience of “backdraft” which can happen when we first experience self-compassion.  

Denise will also talk about how MSC practices can support being present to difficult emotions and how it can avert empathy fatigue for counsellors and caregivers. 

Participants will have offered the opportunity to experience some core MSC practices such as Soothing Touch and the Self-Compassion Break and to reflect about and share their experience in break out groups.

When: Monday 6 June, 2022, 7pm

Where: Zoom - Will be sent out on the day of the event to all who have registered. Registration closes 4pm on 6 June.

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